Actionable Weather Intelligence for Performance Marketers

Experienced marketers understand how weather influences consumer demand. Weather is a driving force behind both positive and negative variation in web traffic, foot traffic, and sales. For advertisers, ignoring or ineffectively accounting for weather can result in large missed opportunities.

WeatherLift is the leading provider of actionable weather intelligence for applications in the digital advertising industry. We understand how weather impacts campaign performance. We provide our clients with solutions that improve the efficacy and relevance of advertising, leading to a more efficient use of media dollars. Specifically, WeatherLift Solutions increase click-thru-rate, lower cost per action, and heighten brand recall.

Our Partners include Ad Networks and Demand Side Platforms who use WeatherLift to understand how weather impacts client campaign performance. They use this insight to adjust inventory bidding decisions in real-time and on a local level. To learn more about WeatherLift, contact us.

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